Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Its that time of year again! Time to start finding gifts for all the folks in our lives and time to send your parents a gift wish-list so you don’t end up with another decorative bowl. Here a… Source: Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Training vs Life

Back in December when we were setting our fitness goals for 2016, I said I wanted to run a 10k in the summer and a half marathon in the fall. I ran the NYRR Women’s Mini back in June, and I’ll be doing the Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half this coming Saturday. So I’ve been training since…


Fit mom reality 

While I was nursing my 11 week old at 3:44AM my fiancé shared this article  with me about #fitmoms and I immediately wanted to write a response  because I totally considered myself a #fitmom – that was like three months ago. That’s my #fitmomreality. So this article, in summary, is basically highlighting the trend(?) of…